Islands of Wonder! 

18th May 2018 Classic Japan 10 days

Visit the most beautiful World Heritage Sites of Japan as well as experience traditional aspects of Japanese life. Stay in a ryokan to experience Japanese hospitality, delicious cuisine,futon bedding and onsen bathing. You will also visit Hiroshima which is well known for the delicious okonomiyaki as well as the peace park. Miyajima, which is home to the world-famous Itsukushima shrine with its floating gate, is easily reached from Hiroshima.

2018 Cherry Blossom Dreams 12 Days

Enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms as you visit Japan's iconic sites and locations. From modern skyscrapers to ancient temples, a variety of experiences awaits you - ride the world-famous Bullet Train, walk down the streets of traditional Kyoto, submerge yourself in the steaming natural waters and enjoy traditional multi course dinner in Hakone and many more. You'll be fascinated by the country's distinctive blend of carefully guarded tradition and cutting-edge modernity with an experience that you will remember for years. 

7th April 2018 Spring Vibrant Japan 9 days

Join 2018 Spring Vibrant Group Tour 9 Days to visit world-famous sites such as the breathtaking scenery of Mt.Fuji and Hakone, the most traditional villages Takayama, Shirikawa-go and of course, the ancient capital of Japan that remains its cultural centre-point. Kyoto is home to some of the oldest and finest temples and shrines in Japan.